Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan
Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan



Jay Bion “J.B.” Schoonmaker was born on 5 October 1886 in Syracuse, New York. His parents were Bion and Francis “Emily” Willson Schoonmaker. J.B. Married Hazel Moulton on 15 April 16, 1913 in Jonesfield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan. Hazel was born 16 December 1891; her parents were William H. and Eliza H. Reynolds Moulton.


J.B. And Hazel had the following children:

  1. Julian Bernard Schoonmaker was born 16 January 1914. He was named after his uncle Bernard E. Schoonmaker. Julian died 14 August 2006.

  2. William Bion Schoonmaker was born 22 March 1915.

  3. Evart R. Schoonmaker was born 9 August 1916 and died 11 January 1999 in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois.

  4. Hazel R. Schoonmaker was born 25 April 1918.

  5. Elton J. Schoonmaker was born 17 April 1920 in Lakefield Township. He married Helen Zazo. He is buried in the Lakefield Township Cemetery.

  6. Ruth Magore Schoonmaker was born 3 October 1921/1922 in Lakefield Township. She married William Kaeckmeister. Ruth died 15 September 1994. Ruth and William are both buried in the Lakefield Township Cemetery.

  7. Ellen Elizabeth Schoonmaker was born 6 October 1924 in Lakefield Township. Ellen married Joseph Betz on 8 March 1948. Ellen died on 15 September 1994.

  8. Ronald Schoonmaker

  9. Mary Schoonmaker married William Darake and lived in Ithaca, New York.

  10. Irene Schoonmaker married Eugene Naccarato and lived in Colorado.

  11. Merlin Schoonmaker.

The photo is the home of J.B. and Hazel Schoonmaker


J.B. lived in Lakefield Township most of his life and engaged in farming. In 1916, J.B. And Hazel owned and operated an 80 acre farm in Section 13 on the NW corner of Roosevelt and Chapin Roads. Their neighbors were: John Briggs, John Liebrock, Lewis Liebrock, William Miller, Dan McLeod, J.A. Beckley, George Watson, Thomas Genack.








J.B. served as a member of the Lakefield Township Board of Review off and on for almost 25 years. J.B. was a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge in Hemlock, Michigan and a former member of the Bastedo School District #2 on Lakefield Road.


Hazel died on 1 June 1963 and J.B. On 16 July 1974, they are both buried in the Lakefield Township Cemetery.


SOURCES: Lakefield Township Records; 1920 and 1930 Federal Census; Hazel's obituary; J.B.'s obituary from Della Miller McKay's obituary collection; information from Joseph Betz.

Pioneers of Lakefield Township - Left to Right: Jacob Brown, Lawrence Dubay, Alva Hinterman, David Dubay, Mr. Harris, George Easlick, Calvin Harris;   Ray Rowell standing towards the top of photo and his daughters, Mildred, Dorothy, and Carrie Rowell,  sitting on the wood pile.    Carry Rowell later married Fred Honaman.     photo from John and Linda Honaman Johnson.



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