Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan
Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan

John Joseph Novak

                                                      JOHN JOSEPH AND AGNES ANNA KLIPTERA NOVAK




John Joseph Novak was born in Prague, Bohemia on May 22, 1861 and came to Saginaw, Michigan in 1865 with his parents Martin and Mary Novak. He resided in Saginaw until 1887 when he and his family moved to Lakefield Township. John married Agnes Anna Kliptera on January 17, 1911 in Taymouth Township. Agnes was born December 3, 1892 in Prague, Bohemia and at the age of sixteen years came with her uncle to the United States.





John and Agnes had the following children:

1. John J. Novak was born February 8, 1914 and married Wilma Rohn;

2. Frances Marion Novak was born July 3, 1916 and married Clifton Hoard;

3. Mary Ann Novak was born October 7, 1919 and married Fred Geiger;

4. twin – Ernest Major was born January 29, 1922 and married Marvel Doehring;

5. twin-Ernestine Margueritte was born January 29, 1922 and married Donald Sny;

6. Mildred Marie Novak was born August 26, 1924 and married Wilmer Oldenburg.

Seated: Agnes and John Joseph Novak Back Row - L to R: Mildred Marie Novak Oldenburg, Ernest Major Novak, Mary Ann Novak Geiger, John J. Novak, Ernestine Margueritte Novak Sny, and Frances Marion Novak Hoard

John and Agnes owned and operated an 80 acre farm in Section 28 of Lakefield Township. In addition, he owned a 40 acre parcel of land in Section 22 on Merrill Road. John registered to vote on April 5, 1884.


John was either elected or appointed to following Lakefield offices.

1.  appointed to Lakefield Township Overseer of Highways District #4 on April 7, 1890;

2.  appointed Inspector to Board of Elections April 2, 1894;

3.  appointed as Clerk and Board of Elections on April 1, 1895.

4   elected as Township Treasurer in 1896, 1897, and 1898;

5.  elected as Township Clerk on April 4, 1898;

6.  he was a Member Board of Review in 1930, 1932, 1934, and 1936;

7.  elected Constable in 1937;

8.  a Member of the Brown School Board for 45 years.


John passed away on February 12, 1953 and Agnes on February 28, 1955. They are both buried in the Lakefield Township Cemetery.




SOURCES: 1916 Lakefield Township Plat Map; John and Agnes obituaries; Lakefield Township Records; Grandson Irving Brown; United States Census

Pioneers of Lakefield Township - Left to Right: Jacob Brown, Lawrence Dubay, Alva Hinterman, David Dubay, Mr. Harris, George Easlick, Calvin Harris;   Ray Rowell standing towards the top of photo and his daughters, Mildred, Dorothy, and Carrie Rowell,  sitting on the wood pile.    Carry Rowell later married Fred Honaman.     photo from John and Linda Honaman Johnson.



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