Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan
Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan

Gilbert Tice Bastedo





Gilbert "Tice" Bastedo was born March 17, 1879 in Lakefield Township to Gilbert and Caroline Ryckman Bastedo. Gilbert married Margaret Maude Vondette on December 31, 1903. Maud was born June 9, 1886 at a logging camp known as Watson's Corners near Perth, Canada; her parents were John Henry and Elizabeth Jarbeau Vondett.


An excerpt from the book "Looking Backward", History of Merrill and Jonesfield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan, written by W.G. Shannon, page 35, states the following:  “The first game I remember was between Lakefield and Merrill. Bert Levi pitched to Alex Vondette for Lakefield. The catcher stood about thirty feet back of the plate and caught some real burners bare handed. Fred Demers was the catcher for Merrill that day. One pitch of the game caught Fred between his index and middle fingers, splitting them wide open, prompting Fred to leave the game. Brother’s Richard and Aubrey Method stepped up along with Tice Bastedo and played quite a game that day. I cannot remember the names of the other Merrill players who gave their all that day, but it was a real moment of civic pride. Merrill was always proud of those boys. They played their hearts out, for free no less!

Tice and Maud's children were:


  1. twin, Kathleen Leota Bastedo was born October 11, 1904 and she married Lee P. Smith.

  2. twin, Caroline Elizabeth Bastedo was born October 11, 1904 and married Clarence E. Kissane.

  3. Florence (Flossie) Estella Bastedo was born November 24, 1907 and married Robert Sargeant.

  4. Pearl Margueriete Bastedo was born December 9, 1908 and married George William Federspiel.

  5. Lorena June Bastedo was born June 11, 1914 and married Clarence C. Hockey

  6. Hilda Mae Bastedo was born December 20, 1917 and married Burt Benjamin Joiner

  7. Robert Tice Bastedo was born January 2, 1921 and married Elaine Marie Fuller.

  8. James Ray Bastedo was born June 17, 1922 and married Loretta Yarmuth.

  9. Joy Ann Bastedo was born October 29, 1923 and married Carl Victor Aho.

In 1916, Tice and Maud lived with their family, on an 80 acre farm in Section 14 on the corner of South Merrill and Lakefield Roads in Lakefield Township. Tice and Maud livedon this farm their entire married life.


Maud died on April 11, 1924 when her last baby was only five and a half months old due to an internal hemorrhage following a gall bladder surgery. Tice died of a heart attack on December 14, 1936. They are both buried in the Lakefield Township Cemetery.

Bastedo Twins - Kathleen and Caroline Bastedo
Bastedo Sisters- Pearl, Florence, and twins - Kathleen and Caroline
Robert Bastedo
Bastedo Brothers - Robert and James

SOURCES: James Bastedo information and photos; Tice and Maud's marriage record; Tice's WWI Draft Registration; Tice's death record; Francis Vondett Fritz's genealogy; Mary Brush Sklba's photo's.

Pioneers of Lakefield Township - Left to Right: Jacob Brown, Lawrence Dubay, Alva Hinterman, David Dubay, Mr. Harris, George Easlick, Calvin Harris;   Ray Rowell standing towards the top of photo and his daughters, Mildred, Dorothy, and Carrie Rowell,  sitting on the wood pile.    Carry Rowell later married Fred Honaman.     photo from John and Linda Honaman Johnson.



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