Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan
Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan

Edmund C. Lux



Edmund C. Lux was born on January 27, 1864 in Alsace Lorraine; his father was Charles Lux. Edmund left the Port of Havre on the ship Amerique and entered the Port of New York on March 8, 1885. When Edmund came to the United States, his occupation was a weaver. Edmund married Wilhelmina “Mina” Eggebrecht in Cook County, Illinois on October 29, 1887. Mina was born April 17, 1869 in Germany to Joachim and Maria Tesner Eggebrecht. Edmund and Mina came to Saginaw County, Michigan soon after their marriage.


Edmond and Mina had the following children:

  1. Charles J. “Karl” Lux was born September 30, 1888 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan.

  2. Emil Lux was born June 28, 1892 in Lakefield Township. He married Etta Marie Voelker on September 26, 1914.

  3. Mary Lux was born August 3, 1895 in Lakefield Township.

  4. Julia Lux was born October 3, 1897 in Lakefield Township and died October 5, 1897 in Lakefield Township. She is buried in the Lakefield Township Cemetery.

  5. Freda Lux was born October 17, 1898 in Lakefield Township.

  6. Edmund F. Lux was born January 8, 1902 in Lakefield Township. He became a minister. Edmund married Mildred Thatcher on October 26, 1923. They are buried in Lakefield Cemetery.

  7. Minnie Lux was born on November 25, 1910 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan. She married Walter Stoddard.


In 1896, Edmund and Mina owned and operated two 40 acre parcels of land. One of the 40 acres was located on the SW corner of Fenmore and Swan Creek Roads in Section 9, the Byrnes School was located on it. The other 40 acres was kitty corner across the road in Section 3 on the NE corner of Swan Creek and Fenmore Roads. Edmund and Mina's children went to the Byrnes School. Their neighbors were:  Jesse Baker, Charles Zarbock, L. Downing, brother-in-law Carl Wittenburg, C.V. Johnson, John Byrne, Patrick O'Connor, George Trudgen, George Long and George Rigg.


Also in 1896, Mina's brother, Carl Eggebrecht lived on the SE corner of Roosevelt and Meridian Roads. Mina's sister, Caroline Eggebrecht Wittenburg lived to the east of Mina on Swan Creek Road.


Edmund was appointed as Lakefield Township Overseer of the Highway District #8 on April 4, 1898 and April 3, 1899.


By 1910, Edmund and his family were living at 1018 Wheeler St., Saginaw, Michigan.


Edmund died at his son's home on January 13, 1944 in Clio, Michigan. Mina died in Mt. Morris, Michigan on August 8, 1947. Edmund and Mina are both buried in the Lakefield Township Cemetery.




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Pioneers of Lakefield Township - Left to Right: Jacob Brown, Lawrence Dubay, Alva Hinterman, David Dubay, Mr. Harris, George Easlick, Calvin Harris;   Ray Rowell standing towards the top of photo and his daughters, Mildred, Dorothy, and Carrie Rowell,  sitting on the wood pile.    Carry Rowell later married Fred Honaman.     photo from John and Linda Honaman Johnson.



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