Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan
Lakefield Township Early Pioneers of Saginaw County, Michigan





Henry was born April 15, 1818 in London, England to the parents of John and Fanny Croace Tester. Henry married Emily Rebecca Bristow near London, England; she was born September 22, 1819. Emily's mothers' name was Ann Bristow. The Tester's were a wine making family in England.


Henry and Emily, when moving to Canada settled in Point Pelee, Ontario near Leamington (Mersea Township), Essex County, Ontario, Canada. Henry eventually purchased each of his sons, Frank, Charles, William and George a forty acrre tract of land in the United States near Saginaw, Michigan in Lakefield Township.


Henry and Emily's children were:

  1. Emily R. Tester born in 1839 in England. She married C.B. John on March 26, 1858 in Walsingham Township, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada.

  2. Henry Tester born in 1843 in Canada

  3. Eliza Jane born December 24, 1845 in Canada and was married to C.L. Wingrove.

  4. Mary Isobel Tester was born December 25, 1847 and was christened January 30, 1848 at Fort Erie, Welland County, Ontario, Canada; she married Robert Manary and had 13 children

  5. Anna Elizabeth Tester was born March 27, 1850 in Walsingham, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. She married James Simmon Ferris on July 26, 1865 and had four children. They lived in Lakefield Township.

  6. John “George” Tester was born July 7, 1851 in Walsingham, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. He married Charlott “Sue” Loop on January 1, 1877 and had 9 children. They lived in Lakefield Township.

  7. William married Emma Button and had 16 children.

  8. Thomas Tester was born in October 9, 1858 in Walsingham, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. He married Lucy Schram on March 7, 1886 and had 7 children. They lived in Lakefield Township.

  9. Charles Ernest Robert Tester was born July 13/30 1863 in Walsingham, Norfolk County, Ontario. He married Margaret Envoy on December 26, 1886 and had six children. They lived in Lakefield Township.

  10. Frank H. Tester was born in 1861. He married Louise “Sarah” Thomson on July 9, 1889 in Comber, Essex County, Canada. He had an adopted daughter Edna A. Tester. In 1940 he was widowed and living with his nephew John William Tester and his family in Lakefield Township.


Emily died April 15, 1875 and Henry died on January 2, 1905


SOURCES: 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1901Canadian Census;Find A Grave Website, Pearl Sklapsky and Linda Holben's family information.


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